Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Teaching Kids about Money

This is an interesting recent PBS news piece on how Colorado schools are meeting their obligations to improve financial literacy in the public school system under a new law that came into effect in the autumn of 2011.

I think it is a great initiative for the state schools and the film really speaks for itself. Take a look and see if you agree, but I think that if the last few years in the global economy have shown us anything it is that many people around the world could have used this kind of education when they were in school.

Have to make some disclosures on the film though. My son is in it along with his class mates and his utterly marvelous and totally fabulous 4th Grade teacher, Kristin Berstien, who is doing a fantastic job of leading her kids to a bright future. School and parents alike are all grateful to Great West (who also happen to be a client while I am in full disclosure mode) for their donations to schools in support of this initiative and the great work it is enabling.  


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