Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Planning-ness 2010

So Planning-ness for this year is nearly upon us.

Two locations in 2010, NYC and on our back yard here in Denver.

First off, apologies to everyone who comes from out of town because there will be more Integer planners in attendance than you can shake a stick at as we're treating it as a bit of an off-site for our planning community in the US. So the local Denver crew as well as teams from the other parts of the US will be hanging out there.

We're also going to be sharing some of our thinking around behaviour in one of the sessions and everyone will get a chance to hear about planning in our world. The write up for our session reads:
So much of planning is about chasing after the new, the different, and the modern, and using these trends to connect brands with their audiences. But what role do some of these factors have in influencing a shopper’s behavior? How should we be thinking when it comes to making a person stop and take action? How should we be thinking when it comes to influencing a consumer’s decision? This workshop will cover different ways to influence shopping behavior and will explain how brands and retailers can create an environment that will turn a shopper into a buyer.

Perhaps most importantly we'll also be hosting a happy hour in the Space Gallery at the end of the Thursday evening, where there will be plenty of MillerCoors product to sample and enjoy.

Paul Isakson (Integer alumni) will also be there sharing his recent experience venturing into the freelance world, which promises to be really interesting. And having just returned from Sao Paulo and shared a conference platform with a Neuroscientist, Ari Popper of Brainjuicer has a session that also looks really interesting on the use of emerging research techniques.

I know there are more Integer alumni venturing back into town and it will be great to catch up on how things are going, so hope to see you there if you're coming into town.