Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Music Animation Machine

I was lucky enough to attend an Edward Tufte seminar last week here in Denver. It was great to have a day of feeding myself and not be in the office, on a plane, in a meeting etc. etc. It's June already, and I thought '09 was a busy year!

Anyway, Tufte opened with a clip of video from the music animation machine. What a wonderful graphical presentation of music as data. I've ordered the DVD as that seems to have some of the best examples, but there are some on youtube here.

What's so great about this is the clarity in presentation of data. It is so clear, so simple. It provides us with the information so we can understand what is happening. It provides us, with a record of past data (notes) and gives us a wonderful representation of the delights to come. It brings you the music score, usually a static thing, in a form that allows you to understand the music simply by watching.

Tufte is a great presenter and so passionate about his numbers. I highly recommend seeing him present if you get the chance or at least read some of his books.

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crazyeights said...

That's a cool video I like the lights and colors. Very interesting.