Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking For...

I'm in Richmond, VA spending a couple of days at the VCU Brandcenter hoping to meet some of the future stars of the industry. On the plane I was reflecting on all the recruiting I've done since arriving in the U.S. which has been very successful in the main (OK team, a couple of small mistakes, but quickly sorted!) and what it is I personally look for in a candidate. So here's my quick list:

- curiosity. Of the world around and of something specific. No butterflies allowed
- empathy. To be able to see the world from different perspectives
- the ability (?) to worry about a problem until it has been properly sorted
- questioning & listening. The ability to ask searching questions and hear the answers
- imagination. To make stuff out of your empathy
- reality. Everything has to be doable.

And I think the really great planners, who stand tall amongst everyone posses these 6/7 in spades.

So this was a diversion from reading Seth Godin's Linchpins book and thinking about The Gleicher Change Formula in relation to Behavioural Economics (yes, seriously)

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