Saturday, August 29, 2009

2009 Planner Survey

Results are now available. Once again, Heather LeFerve has administered, analysed and published a global survey of the planning community and how things are going in our roles. You can get the findings here.

I'm a bit late publishing this myself as it's been the busiest summer ever.

The 2009 survey builds on those of previous years.

Great Metaphors

Metaphors and analogies are often used by us planners in our day to day life to help convey and simplify ideas, thoughts and concepts.

This is a fantastic ad from Luvs that uses a rather unnerving metaphor to convey the feeling of bringing a second child into the home.

Brilliant stuff.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Academic Thoughts Pitching

Interesting piece on the 4A's website that I was pointed towards today. Written by Jodi Lisa Smith, Ph.D at the University of Texas, Austin it makes three recommendations for agencies that could help agencies when pitching.

1. Build a Cohesive Agency Team - make sure everyone on the pitch team has time to bond and they like each other. Clients can spot people who've never worked together or who don't like each other.

2. Avoid Spec Work Like the Plague - don't give away your ideas for free. Trouble with this, is that all agencies have got to agree to do this at the same time. There will always be someone willing to give it away in the hope of winning the business.

3. Insist on Collaboration Meetings - completely agree. The best experience and then client relationships start out with collaboration between both parties.

Not sure that it needed to have much research but it's a useful reminder. And I agree completely that New Business is all about control. So in order to maintain control, a few points that can come in handy.

1. You have to invest in your own success. Be it time, research, whatever.
2. Use qualitative research creatively.
3. Meet - spend time with the prospect, and stay a meeting ahead of the competition.
4. Make sure your presentation room is right for you to be successful. How is it dressed? How can you work it?
5. Make sure your presentation is designed to win.
6. You've got to present winning strategy and creative (kind of obvious I know)
7. Practice. Then again. Then again.
8. Don't leave logistics to chance - have them perfectly planned.
9. Manage who sits where and present with a variety of media
10. Finish on a high note. Don’t just stop.

I'm sure there are plenty of others as well that would help.