Thursday, July 02, 2009

Being Productive

Being more productive is something I would assume most of us would probably like. I was listening to a pod cast of Digital Planet from the BBC on the way home the other day. If you don't listen they are worth downloading as they bring lots of great stuff on tech, its use and development in society and culture. Anyway, there was a quick piece about a Firefox add-on called LeechBlock.

It is a tool that helps you practice self restraint with the use of the web. If social websites, Wiki-pedia and the like tend to eat a significant amount of your day, this add-on stops you getting to them at specific times.

I love add-ons and apps like this that bring real utility to our lives. And I like that this one address something that we might not want to admit to ourselves and aims to recognise and help with our personal flaws.

Not going to install it though as I of course believe that these are tools that help run my business and personal life so why would I want to limit the times of day I can get to them?

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