Sunday, April 26, 2009

Calling All Planners

It’s that time again. Heather LeFevre has just released the 2009 planner survey. Now in its fifth year, the survey is a really useful aid for those who are involved in recruiting and developing planning talent. Or just interesting for those who want to see how they are doing! There are some changes this year looking at the public holidays you are given by your company and other holiday time you get (or vacation if that’s your thing), the current economic climate and, now that Heather is in beautiful Amsterdam, she has attempted to be more sensitive to non-Americans. Bravo!

So if you happen to be a planner type, dive in and complete the survey. If the results are of use or just general interest to you (you're a student or a recruiter), you can put yourself on the list to receive them here.

Oh, and please pass this on and get as many people to take the survey as possible. Heather’s goal is to break 1,000 responses this year.

Looking forward to seeing a global pulse on the entire community.

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