Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Proof that Good Ideas Will Win Out

Hyundai Assurance (for me the best marketing idea that was seen at the Super Bowl) is proving extremely successful for the brand. Recently released sales figures show that January sales are up 14.3% while all others in the category, er, tank. It would seem that a strong idea, which is empathetic the situation the audience faces is quite a powerful thing. Who'd of thought it?

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Jakeybro said...


I agree with you about this as a marketing idea. I actually saw the spot air a few weeks before the Super Bowl and the idea literally stopped me in my tracks. At the time, I wondered out loud whether this approach would pay dividends (thinking it certainly had great merit), and saw this validation in the news today as well.

Why can't more companies take this clear, distinct and differentiating approach?

Thanks for the post.