Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New White Paper

We've just release another White Paper at work. Based upon some experience we have managed to accumulate over the last few years, this paper looks at points of inflection throughout a purchase cycle and how the role of communication should change as we move from the being in the mindset of a consumer to that of a shopper (and back again).

Click through and download.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Izzard on Technology

I love these Lego animations.

And Izzard on twitter now - http://twitter.com/EddieIzzard

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Proof that Good Ideas Will Win Out

Hyundai Assurance (for me the best marketing idea that was seen at the Super Bowl) is proving extremely successful for the brand. Recently released sales figures show that January sales are up 14.3% while all others in the category, er, tank. It would seem that a strong idea, which is empathetic the situation the audience faces is quite a powerful thing. Who'd of thought it?

A Valentine from Jamie Cullum

And who wouldn't want a personalised Valentine from Jamie?

Friday, February 06, 2009

New Colour Research

Interesting piece I heard on NPR this morning. There has been much research on the power and importance of colour around us. This new work from the University of British Columbia studies more than 600 people who undertook a variety of computer based tasks that were delivered in either a red, blue or white background.

In the research they created some copy for a toothpaste brand. This was either delivering a rational 'fights cavities' message or a more emotional 'makes your smile brighter' message. Both were delivered on a red, blue and white backgrounds. As Ravi Mehta, the lead author of the study says,
"significantly more people choose the brand which was good on cavity prevention. With blue they preferred teeth whitening. And on a white background, neither product had an advantage."
The study also explains how previous research has produced conflicting findings about how red and blue effect thinking. What this research is saying is that either colour can provide a benefit, if it is used with the appropriate task.

Interesting stuff and worth a look. Again, thinking about the context of the task at hand and applying research such as this will help move the performance of your comms.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Best Super Bowl Marketing Idea

Plenty of comment on the work this weekend shown during Super Bowl 43. For my mind, the best was this from Goodby and Hyundai.

It has a marketing idea. In the current climate, it's great to see an agency and client team thinking about how to address the issues, concerns and fears of its audience. Yes, there were more beautifully shot, art directed, funny, great-use-of-special-effect affairs, but to see a real marketing idea that is interesting, that speaks to the context of our times and addresses it head on, was great.