Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2008 Observations

Started this as we turned into 2008, and then things just got away from me. Anyway, a observations and things from 2008, a most interesting of years.

1 - Financial Expert = oxymoron
2 - UK radio is disproportionately better than its US counterpart - better music selection and mix, better guests, conversation, point of view.
3 - Death is around the corner for us all, so live in the present of today
4 - UK tax system is simple - but it's all relative!
5 - Exercise is vital, so get out there and shape up
6 - Social networking - Blogs, Facebook, to Twitter, Linkedin, Plaxo et al - is either for the professional or for those with no spouse or young ones!
7 - Kids whose parents are actively involved do better academically.
8 - BitTorrent rocks.
9 - Bond was a bit disappointing.
10 - The new Doctor better be not be!

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