Saturday, November 15, 2008


Can't quite believe it has taken this long to permeate our house because this organisation seem to have been trading for some time. This is Bloomsberry & Co who are purveyors of fine chocolate and who have a pack design sensibility that means you cannot resist buying some. Whether it is specific designs for milk or dark chocolate, holiday packaging or romance, they are all fantastic. Interesting and entertaining with an engaging personality. Just what you want in your slab.

Blog writing

Found this small utility (Typealyzer) that looks at the content of your blog and determines the parts of the brain that have been used in the creation of the writing.

Feel pretty good at being described as a doer. Not too shabby I guess.
The analysis though I am less happy about. Always thought of myself as being closer to the intutioin dimension. The order, habit, details dimension not something have ever thought of as a strength, and interesting that may come through the randomness I throw up here and keep.

Still, interesting little widget.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beer Sphere

So the plannerly thinker types of the world have launched a new regular gathering shin-dig - BeerSphere, modelled on coffee mornings and likemind type gatherings.

So this is either for:
- the lazy who can't get up for coffee
- the busy, who can't make it due to work/child/distance issues (like me)
- the caffeine intolerant

Or is a reflection that the growing global consumer depression is affecting us planners, and no longer in need of caffeine stimulants to keep us going, we need alcohol stimulants to blank it all out.

Or the realisation that it's just bloody good fun to go and have a pint with a group of like minded people.

Where do you sit?