Tuesday, October 28, 2008

17 new marketing mantras

New book out from Tom Himpe, the author of "Advertising is dead: Long live advertising" called "Advertising Next".

Not read it yet, but it sets out a number of mantras for brands moving forward in terms of how they should behave.

The book supports these 17 new ways to operate with a myriad cases to make his point. I'm not so sure there is anything that new here for us planners, but in book form there may be more notice taken in a broader context. What it also shows is that these rules provide opportunities of brands big and small. That as a small organisation you can think and take on the big players. And that as big players, you're going to have to think small some of the time. The changing media landscape is going to make adopting these behaviours easier for everyone. So how many of these behaviours does your brand demonstrate?

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