Thursday, June 26, 2008

More lists

Trend Candy have a bunch of top something lists on all sorts of things on their site. As a fan of a top X list, thought I would pop it up here and make up my own top 5 list of their top x lists from today's browsing. So here it is:

1) Top 30 hip hotels in 2008. Love the Istanbul underwater hotel
2) 11 kinetic energy innovations, free green energy. Go buy some.
3) Top 30 unique inventions in 2008. Some of these are great.
4) 13 innovations in Transportation and future transit - I will get my hover car that I was promised as a child one day!
5) Top 30 naughty trends, innovations and ads in 2008 - coz it's fun

Thing with this though is that I don't think a lot of their content actually constitutes a trend. It's interesting an' that, but trends?

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