Saturday, May 31, 2008

Live ads

Thursday 29th May, 2008. Channel 4 in the UK showed what was the first ad created "live" in the ad break. The execution was a great manifestation of the "Difficult is worth doing" idea developed by W&K (although the actual executional idea was bought to the table by Starcom).

Many interesting things in this. It...

1) continues the line of innovative Honda work (Cog, Choir etc.)
2) has (and will continue) created a huge amount of column inches and PR coverage
3) was cheap to produce, as it was done in house by Channel 4 and took reletively little to create. No fancy CGI and all that.
4) was a creative executional idea bought by the media agency.

Was it effective? Given the number of people who viewed it (over 2 million) and the link above to Youtube which has over 50k views so far, it's certainly got a lot of attention. The product (the new Accord) is also likely to be top-notch and will sell well too.


Monday, May 19, 2008

It's been a while

Workload. Pitches.

My car has spent more time at the airport garage than at home.

My back is fed up with hotel beds.

And somehow, I've just not had the time to post - although there are some new things over at

In the haze though, I did have this thought at the weekend. Grown men in Crocs - is that right?