Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thinker types - once again

This is the fourth year of a survey that Heather LeFevre (now of CP+B in Miami) has run her survey of plannery types and their world. I posted a link to last year's survey and this is a link to the 2008 edition. In 2007 450 of us completed the survey and already this year this link has been emailed to over 600 of us. Heather is also gaining some analytical support from Hall & Partners, so there may be some greater richness to the results.

So if you are of a plannery disposition, click through and take it. If you are not in a plannery type position (i.e you're a student) or if you are just interested in the results (which means you run an agency and you employ plannery types) then you use this link and they will be sent to you went complete. Go at it.

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