Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Reduced sugar

These are just Cornflakes now, aren't they?

I grew up on Frosted Flakes (or Frosties as they are called in the UK) and Tony the Tiger was an early icon of my television viewing. His sugary delights, now deemed too much for today's generation of children, have been watered down.

And weren't wagon wheels bigger when we were kids?


Jefe said...

I have a box of Frosted Flakes, of the fully sugared variety, in my office. Come help yourself.
--Jeff Kos

Craig Elston said...

Thanks Jeff. But having bought into the whole reduced thing, sneaking around behind the family's back, secretly snacking of the fully sugared variety, might be a bit hypocritical.

But what a great movement to start. For those who secretly crave the full sugar effect, but are too embarrassed to do it in the open. Secret meetings. Dark clubs. All full of people sharing their desire for a full sugar breakfast cereal. Crazy!

Jefe said...

Back in the 70s there was a song called "Junk Food Junkie" which relates. Of course, I found it on youtube...


Craig Elston said...

Or the R Whites Lemonade ads from the UK in the 70's.

Have a look at this