Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sometimes, if only ...

Just stumbled upon this on the Russell Davies blog (which I've not read for eons).

Couple of things:

- Couldn't agree more with this particular Labour insider

- I really miss an actual physical edition of The Guardian. Reading Guardian Unlimited is tactually limited. - the feeling that the paper and news print give, and the delight of turning the pages and finding a gem such as this leap out at you from the page.

It's the little things ... and reinforces how important the little things are in everything we do in the marketing world - those behavioural things, those tangible things that bring delight to the brand experience.

While I do miss a morning broadsheet to peruse, I did go skiing yesterday. Just for a few hours - so it's not all bad!

(Picture courtesy of off-spring no. 2)

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