Thursday, January 10, 2008


Have come across some interesting work and quotes on shopping from the Graduate School of Design at Harvard. Came about because of an architectural interest.

Firstly, Rem Koolhaas:
"Retail is the single most influential force on the shape of the modern city."

No arguments from me.

Secondly,Sze Tsung Leong:

"Not only is shopping melting into everything, but everything is melting into shopping."

The work we are doing at Integer is certainly leading to this thinking. The act of shopping is all pervasive in our work, our lives and in our society.

And finally, a quote from Paul Goldberger, New Yorker Architecture critic who has said:

"Shopping is arguably the last remaining form of public activity. Through a battery of increasingly predatory forms, shopping has infiltrated, colonized and even replaced, almost every aspect of urban life."

Not so sure about urban life, but having spent a year in American suburbia this certainly resonates. Outside of a small local library, the only place to interact with the rest of society is in a store environment. Which is of course driving the New Urbanism movement. The faux town centre which is I suppose at least an attempt to break the hold of the McMansion and cookie-cutter housing estates. Hoorah for that.

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