Monday, January 15, 2007

No, no, no

Give me strength!

Will someone try and sell a campaign on ebay by the end of 2007?

Beloved North London

And found a book on Banksy. This is a shot of Archway (and we used to live down the road) close to The Whitting Hospital (who brilliantly bought our little ones safely into the world). For years we've sat in the car at the lights and watched people walk past, seemingly oblivious to it (or maybe they were bored with it).

There's some great quotes in this book - "A lot of people never use their initiative because no-one told them to." Brilliant.

Brilliant - things an agency should never say

Today was Martin Luther King Jr day. It's a sort-of-bank-holiday that not everyone observes. So I half worked from home, half unpacked boxes. We're into the books at the moment, although we don't have any bookcases to put them on because we had built in units in the alcoves either side of the chimney breasts in London (bit like this). It's a great journey of (re)discovery. Everything had been packed up for a while because of the building work before we left, so we've forgotten about lots of different books. It's great having time to unpack, flick through, re-read and stack in a pile! Found this old trade ad for Thames Television (which is sadly no longer providing Londoner's with their commercial TV) in a book on the art of copy.

'Twas penned by Steve Henry (now ECD at TBWA\London), in the 80's. Heard most of these at some point (except maybe point 9, 12) and I honestly have heard someone say 4, but substituted Bentley for Ferrari (on reflection, much like my earlier post).

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Joshua has tennis at 8am on a Saturday. And it was chilly. Couldn't get my phone camera to take a decent shot as the lens kept steaming up! And that is fahrenheit. Or -20.5 degrees C (in real temperature speak). Brrrrr.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thanks mum!

A sign I saw recently in a shopping mall.

Giving harrassed mums the possibility of the feeling they (should) get, we when all celebrate them once a year, every day. Sensory stimuluation in the midst of the hum drum of every day life. Sweet.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I guess if you are in a position to drive a Bentley, this may well sum up your attitude to the world.

Not sure if this is real, but I love the unexpected attitude as this brand continues to redefine itself.

Blessed are the cheese makers.

It was the genius of Python who gave us that great sketch. Genius. But the cheese makers are out of favour back home. Some UK madness going on with the banning of cheese ads during children's TV programmes. What? Basically, the cheese makers have been caught by new regulations bought in by the Food Standard Agency on the promotion of "junk food". Since when did cheese become something we can't let our kids see? Surely everything in moderation - except in a nanny state I guess.

According to this article (and sorry about this source) "The Food Standards Agency model assesses the fat, sugar and salt content in a 100g or 100ml serving of food or drink. But the British Cheese Board points out that a typical portion of cheese was 30 to 40g - not the 100g used in the agency's model." So cheese is bad. Anyone know a child who would eat 100g of cheese in one sitting? Even over the holiday (with copious amounts of Port) 100g is a bit much. Probably only Wallace who'd do that. And the other brands caught in this - Jaffa Cakes, Marmite - it all seems nuts to me (although nuts in the form of Brazil are OK).

And it may have a knock on effect to Supermarkets. (from Guardian Unlimited.)


New series on the way (my Dad will be pleased - he's a big fan). Circuit City sent me this email with an online promotion for HDTVs.

24 days of instant give aways. In-store activity. Chance to be on the set of 24. Lots of activity and content to promote the show, Samsung TVs and get you in to a Circuit City.

Needless to say I didn't win, but I liked the fact that the micro-site is short and to the point, but it really annoyed me that having entered your email and your promo code, you then had to reenter your email to get further chances to win. Why could they not just carry the data through? I'm gonna talk to Morgan - he'll no doubt give me some technical/legal reason.

I love this

Land Rover excellence as ever.

Anti social network

Oh I miss Channel 4. There is a new series of Shameless starting in the UK this month, and Channel 4 has developed a site as part of the show's promotion - the world's most anti social network.

Didn't take long for someone to spin the social networking explosion of the interweb. Brilliant that Channel 4 has done so. Frank Gallagher's quotes are brilliant. His advice on how to have a great party priceless in its brutal simplicity!