Monday, August 20, 2007

What's with all the Robots?

When did Robots become cool again? Interesting that a number of different executions for brands in distant categories are all using Robots as synonym for forward-thinking or technologically advanced.

Heineken are doing it.

Phillips and Nivea - doing it too.

Think it might be overdoing it a bit. I mean, the keg idea is not exactly new, the Watney's Party 7 being an icon of the 70's.

The partnership between Phillips and Nivea has been around a while (alright, it's a new product, but still). Worth checking the rest of this campaign out because they use an Anime animation style on the web which is completely different to the TV work and they play with using data to create personalised content - but completely miss the boat.

Nothing can beat the classic robots though. Brilliant.

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