Saturday, June 16, 2007

Social media for adults

Every time I fly here in the US, I try and pick up a newspaper or magazine that I've never read before. This week, I grabbed a copy of U.S.News & World Report. There is a great article which briefly discussed something that has bugged me for a while. All this talk of "citizen media" and the rise of youtube et al has been disappointing for me. While it allows lots of people to express themselves, explore their own creativity and all that, much of it is absolute rubbish. And, while there is the occasional good laugh, I personally want to have content that is written by those of a more mature and knowledgeable sensibility.

This US News article looked at a handful of social media sites and what they are about - which is how I discovered This is a site where you submit your content for others to rate on quality - and you can only have a say if you contribute yourself. Brilliant. From my initial run through some of the content looks reasonable so if you crave more from the voice of the masses, check it out.

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