Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nikon D40

I was at the cinema over the weekend with the kids and we saw an ad while we tipped popcorn all over the floor for the Nikon.

If you watched that you know that they've given 200 D40's to people in Georgetown (South Carolina), to use, share their pictures and talk about how good or not the camera is. For the first time in a while I actually went to a site as a result of seeing an ad. Remembered the URL and everything. Didn't even need to Gooogle it! I thought it was a neat idea for such a category, and the spot was simply executed. The site is good too - but it loads with pictures of the people whom the camera's were given too. Really good pictures - and I thought, who took those then? as these are supposed to be the people using the cameras? One more click and you get to their own personal efforts - which are great little windows into their lives. And it seems that this is a fantastic camera.

There is a neat promotion here also that gets you to spend time looking around the site. Nikon are giving away 40 cameras over 40 days - you have to find the small camera image hidden on a page, click it and enter a sweepstake. I've always been a Nikon fan - from the day my Dad bought me an FM body in my teens - and I thought this was a relevant idea that works well in the media being used.

Oh, and this image of hometown America ... priceless!