Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hamburger University

So, was in Chicago for a conference that was not of the greatest value except for the propriatary work Integer has been doing on Shoppers in the US (which Meg presented). She was brilliant and the content is really thought provoking. It also gives us the opportunity to really move the thinking in this area forward and help retailers and brands create Disruptive strategies at this point in the purchase process. We're making it open source so I am going to put some of it up here (hey, a thought for some content).

The entire gig was help at the McDonalds Hamburger University which was in many respects disappointing. It wasn't plastic. There were no golden arches to drive under as you entered the campus (which was my biggest let down). There was a museum on the history of McDonalds, an interesting piece on their charitable work, and of course, one of the most widely recongised brand icons on the planet, Ronald himself.

Handy hint if you are ever in the Chicago area, the hotel there is (so I'm told) always empty, so you can always get a cheap room. And the campus is really quite pleasant.

Made us laugh

So, this is hilarious. Had Sean and I laughing all the way to lunch.

Rubbish at blogging

OK. So I realise that I'm pretty useless at this blogging lark. Have just been in Chicago (more on that) and was talking this through with Sean. Big problem is a total lack of focus on what to write about. I thought I'd find the time to be able to pass comment on stuff as it is relevant to the world of communication, consumers, brands blah blah. But somehow work, life, children, new country and all that leaves little time to actually write. So I see stuff but don't seem to find time to post it till a few weeks later and then think "So what?" - the moment has passed. Sean rightly pointed out though you can use this blogging malarky as a record of your own thinking and create a database of stuff etc. But that is sort of what the Moleskin was invented for. Anyway, gonna try and reinvigorate this a bit and worry less that it's not new news.