Sunday, February 25, 2007

On a roll now

Went to the Basketball on Friday, and me' old mate Nick came along (brilliant). We were larking about as we always do and got to talking about some Newman and Baddiel sketches. Newman and Baddiel (together and as the Mary Whitehouse Experience) were to the 90's what Monty Python were to the 70's (in my opinion). And a quick search round You Tube threw up some hilarious memories.

Also found Google has the entire Rob Newman stand up show, from a gig he did in Hoxton last year, called The History of Oil. I know there are a few folks in the US and in the UK who have seem to be reading these rambles, so I highly recommend you find 45 clear minutes in a day, grab a cool drink, and watch this. He's brilliant.

The Google link is here.

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