Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Carbon Neutral

Anyone might think this is a thing with me! Got a Terrapass
email newsletter the other day and, following a series of links that I
have forgotten, arrived at an article on about Land Rover in the UK who have introduced a pilot program built which has two elements:

First, they are going to offset their carbon emissions from the assembly/production plants in the UK.

Second, they are introducing a way for their customers to offset the emissions of the vehicle with Climate Care (a UK version of Terrapass).

It's interesting.
Are we missing the point?
Should we not be trying to change our behaviour and reduce the level of output?
Or is it OK to appease our conscious and live life as we have been doing?

that I have been reading of late. On cars, I think there is a great
deal of validity in the questions. And to some extent with flights. But
with housing, I think they are in the main naive andridiculous . You
own (or rent) a house that was probably built long before we had any
awareness of the impact our actions have on the planet. It's totallyimpractical
to knock it down and rebuild it using environmentally friendly
techniques, materials, solar panels, ground source heating etc. (and
knocking it down probably has a huge impact itself). So I wish that
those who raise the questions (which are important because not enough
behaviour change is happening), would reflect on the real value that
offsetting your home has.

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