Sunday, January 07, 2007

Blessed are the cheese makers.

It was the genius of Python who gave us that great sketch. Genius. But the cheese makers are out of favour back home. Some UK madness going on with the banning of cheese ads during children's TV programmes. What? Basically, the cheese makers have been caught by new regulations bought in by the Food Standard Agency on the promotion of "junk food". Since when did cheese become something we can't let our kids see? Surely everything in moderation - except in a nanny state I guess.

According to this article (and sorry about this source) "The Food Standards Agency model assesses the fat, sugar and salt content in a 100g or 100ml serving of food or drink. But the British Cheese Board points out that a typical portion of cheese was 30 to 40g - not the 100g used in the agency's model." So cheese is bad. Anyone know a child who would eat 100g of cheese in one sitting? Even over the holiday (with copious amounts of Port) 100g is a bit much. Probably only Wallace who'd do that. And the other brands caught in this - Jaffa Cakes, Marmite - it all seems nuts to me (although nuts in the form of Brazil are OK).

And it may have a knock on effect to Supermarkets. (from Guardian Unlimited.)

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