Thursday, December 28, 2006

Why you should've paid attention in geography!

Briliant. Good on the Aussies for this bit of comic genius. You couldn't write this stuff.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Wrapping presents

As driving to work is still new to me, I'm playing around with the radio to find things I want to listen too. Which exposes me to a lot of the twaddle that is radio advertising here (Sean did a piece on this over at Whizzdumb). Anyway, there's this spot at the moment for UPS about shipping off your unusual and fragile presents by having them wrapped by thier Certified Packing Professionals! I don't mean to be rude, but on hearing this a certain amount of tea did hit the inside of the windscreen - did make me laugh. And it's true and very serious. So now I feel really inferior that I don't have a qualifiaction in present wrapping. First thing on the New Year's resoultion list.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Go Avs

Went to my first american sporting event as a resident on Friday. Ice hockey.

The Colorado Avalanche trounced the Edmonton Oilers 4 - 1 for their third straight win. It was a great, fast paced game. It was a lot like being at a football (soccer) match. Apart from the stuff that went on during the breaks between each period - it was non-stop freebies and give-aways. Virtually every sponsor at the event got people up out of their seats and gave stuff away. Fantastic audience participation and engagement - not sure what is said for a lot of the brands though. Had never seen the use of blimps indoors to 'float' a brand in front of attentive eyes ...

... and then use them to carpet bomb the crowd below with promotional flyers. Well funny! And the punters went wild for all of it.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Balance your carbon footprint with your PC

Saw this. Downloaded it. It's now running.

Simple idea - to make you change some settings on your machine so that it doesn't use as much electricity. Found it when I bought some Terra passes for the house and cars. So these are now carbon neutral. (Am I being a bit self-righteous here?)

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Look - unused media space

Our container turned up on Thursday. Hadn't thought about it when it left London, but as it arrived at the front door in sunny Colorado it was still the same, grey, corregated steel box.

It has travelled thousands of miles round the world, on lorries, ships, trains, and then a truck (see, getting the hand of this American language) and has been seen by at least a dozen people - and completely devoid of a brand mark of any kind. Is this a new untapped media opportunity for global brands? How long will it take for the shipping companies to realise they may have another revenue stream?

Comfy conversations

I'm really enjoying my new role and the new life it affords.
I'm also really lucky. I moved from a great, and big, team in London that we had grown over the last 4 years, to an altogether smaller, but equally wonderful team here in Denver. Sean from the new team is writing a really interesting blog (in my favourite links) and has recently posted a piece on viewing facilities following some groups he did on a project last week. It made me laugh, because of course I'm from the old school of qual research in the UK where I would spend two or three nights a week in someone's living room moderating. A facility was a rare treat in those days. I remember groups in some of the more earthy parts of Leeds and Manchester where you'd park your car round the corner for fear of having the wheels removed! But they were always easier, more insightful conversations than I have ever experienced in a viewing facility. It was also, I guess, in the days before the professional respondent so you tended to get a true answer from participants rather than the answer they think you want to hear. I guess it could be referred to as the good old days. In the coming weeks, there will no doubt be plenty of thoughts on how to get the most from qual research in Denver.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I used to fly BA often. Never been my favourite experience but BA does do clever things every now and again. This is one. To help with the struggle that is now airport security (you've no doubt seen this.)

I recently got this useful and helpful mailing from BA to help with this. An actual zip loc bag of the right size and a 'to-scale' guide all about the bottles that you can get through. Neat.

Good to see BA thinking about it's frequent travellers.

Feeling like a teenager

Weird thing. Caron and I had to take our driving tests again this week in order to be able to drive/insure a car/buy a car in the US. (We had to do a written and a practical). Haven't felt that nervous for years - and it did remind us of the feeling of being 17 (in the UK) and the desperate need to get your driving license. That deperate need was all about the possible worlds that being able to drive yourself anywhere would become available. This time round, it was all about the possibility of having those worlds shut down. It's mad that we are so reliant on a bizarre combination of steel, rubber and petrol (gas). But I did love my first Escort Mark 3 (and Caron had a mini) and there is no public transport option where we are - so we need two cars. Terra pass, here we come.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ha ha ha

And this video really made me laugh on so many levels. Mainly coz I love this kind of take on the genre but mainly because the track (not necessarily the video) made me think of someone who used to work on the same floor as me.

He really does have my wishes for the future.

PS3 vs. Wii - Apple Style!

Cute. A timely spoof to talk to the millions of teenagers in their bedrooms pestering the parents for Christmas presents.

Blimey. How long?

Well, time has moved on. Nearly 9 months later, nothing new (can't you have a baby in that time?). Started out with an excuse, so what's the excuse this time? Well, apart from running around Europe with Nick Zim (who has recently had a baby), have also moved to the States. Moving the family, selling the house and getting our stuff has sort of been my focus. Anyway, now that we are beginning to get settled in, I'm going to try and give a Londoner's perspective on many things sceptic.