Sunday, December 17, 2006

Go Avs

Went to my first american sporting event as a resident on Friday. Ice hockey.

The Colorado Avalanche trounced the Edmonton Oilers 4 - 1 for their third straight win. It was a great, fast paced game. It was a lot like being at a football (soccer) match. Apart from the stuff that went on during the breaks between each period - it was non-stop freebies and give-aways. Virtually every sponsor at the event got people up out of their seats and gave stuff away. Fantastic audience participation and engagement - not sure what is said for a lot of the brands though. Had never seen the use of blimps indoors to 'float' a brand in front of attentive eyes ...

... and then use them to carpet bomb the crowd below with promotional flyers. Well funny! And the punters went wild for all of it.

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