Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Feeling like a teenager

Weird thing. Caron and I had to take our driving tests again this week in order to be able to drive/insure a car/buy a car in the US. (We had to do a written and a practical). Haven't felt that nervous for years - and it did remind us of the feeling of being 17 (in the UK) and the desperate need to get your driving license. That deperate need was all about the possible worlds that being able to drive yourself anywhere would become available. This time round, it was all about the possibility of having those worlds shut down. It's mad that we are so reliant on a bizarre combination of steel, rubber and petrol (gas). But I did love my first Escort Mark 3 (and Caron had a mini) and there is no public transport option where we are - so we need two cars. Terra pass, here we come.

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