Sunday, December 10, 2006

Comfy conversations

I'm really enjoying my new role and the new life it affords.
I'm also really lucky. I moved from a great, and big, team in London that we had grown over the last 4 years, to an altogether smaller, but equally wonderful team here in Denver. Sean from the new team is writing a really interesting blog (in my favourite links) and has recently posted a piece on viewing facilities following some groups he did on a project last week. It made me laugh, because of course I'm from the old school of qual research in the UK where I would spend two or three nights a week in someone's living room moderating. A facility was a rare treat in those days. I remember groups in some of the more earthy parts of Leeds and Manchester where you'd park your car round the corner for fear of having the wheels removed! But they were always easier, more insightful conversations than I have ever experienced in a viewing facility. It was also, I guess, in the days before the professional respondent so you tended to get a true answer from participants rather than the answer they think you want to hear. I guess it could be referred to as the good old days. In the coming weeks, there will no doubt be plenty of thoughts on how to get the most from qual research in Denver.

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